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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand Valley State University - LipDub 2010

Grand Valley State University's lip dub is one of the best we've seen ever. It's got 29000 views in a single day beating all records. Do not miss this lip dub, it's awesome.

At last one more "First Class" lip dub, most of Lip dubs are good but this one is great. It has a place at youtube and we have already set its soundtrack as a ringtone in our mobile phones.

It seems they had it all planned out, even people who pass through screen sides. Camera moves so fast but without losing its stability, we do not know how they did.

We loves everything. Lip dub begins like a film with an actor and a piano on the street, from this moment everything seems casual but it has been widely design.

We would like to emphasize: the scuba diver in the water fountain, the girl singing with the signs language, the gospel choir, umbrellas under the bridge with paper rain , the rock band, and the finale, making the logo with umbrellas while a canoe crosses the scene. They blew the other college lipdubs out of the water.

We could think James Cameron has directed it but in fact Greg Kort and Chris Coleman did. We can't forget the great song "Come Sail Away" by Styx.

Guys, you did it great, congrats. You are the best!

The Backstage

Here is a video where we can see how the Lip Dub was made and the small car where the steady was mounted on.


Alex-Steady said...

Its name is Setway, steady is mounted above and it runs. On the last shot, where we see the building, the operator raises the camera, this is because he goes up a lift. If you look you notice when he goes up to the setway and to the platform.

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