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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"RIF Now, Pay Later"

In protest to the deplorable layoffs, the Roy Romer Middle School community has banded together to produce this lip dub video. Spread the word... show this video to everyone!!! Saving the teachers should be our number one priority!!

I really like this, not only just being a Former RAM, but just actually taking time to really express how disappointed we are. I am very happy that we are doing this well already. I really hope this actually opens more eyes, since it has really opened ours more. I really hope this does change, we need our teachers.

Lipdub "Bar-le-Duc City Blues"

Like the Renaissance festival, or music festival WATTS, a great indication! For once something cool and original is going to Bar-le-Duc

Lipdub Gimnazjum nr 12 im. Jacka Kuronia w Poznaniu

Lipdub Middle School students met with 12 them. Jacek Kuron
in Poznan, the song the band Blenders Fri "Tractor".
The project carried out under the program of film education, "MOVIE IN ...".

We can see that there was a lot of work done on the scenario. We go from witches, to a sleepover, to cheerleaders, to surgery and so on. The flow is very well managed and everyone is having fun. There are just a few lighting problems when passing from one room to another, it gets really dark and we can’t see much.

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