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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lip Dub - Magic by Barrington High School

This is one continuos shot through the halls of Barrington High School. It has got great effects and  good perform. Really good job!!!

This video was shot by "238 Studios" and Directed by Gabe Gilden, performed to the song Magic by B.O.B , it features over 100 students from Barrington High School variety of clubs and sports.

Technically this lip dub is at a high level, good lighting, great effects, the dark corridor is fantastic and it has so many good things. We liked it because it's fun and original. I hope you have the success you deserve.

We love it! Great Job Everyone!



238 Studios said...

Thanks for your support

Lip Dub Tube Team said...

You're welcome, we support only good quality videos like yours.

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