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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lip Dub - Castorama - Chalon sur Saône

If any of you still wondering what a "viral video" is, here it is, at least potentially, as in its first day on youtube has made over 3000 visits. Congrats to the whole team. You are straight to the top!

Castorama workers at Chalon sur Saône show us, with music of Jean-Jacques Goldman and his song "Au bout de rêves months" and BEP "I gotta feeling", their store and the staff in a very nice way.

Despite it's not one shot video, so many of you don't consider it a true Lip Dub, the truth is it has a great picture quality, excellent lighting and very good lip dubbing.

In the aesthetic way, without much fanfare, manages to entertain the viewer from the very beggining to the end. What else?

Our rating for this Lip Dub is a 6 over 10.



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