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Saturday, August 28, 2010

LIPDUB // Five - Keep On Movin' (U. Pacífico)

Here’s a traditional lipdub and one of the first lipdub from Chile. Filmed by Joaquín Molina, they present us their University.

About 40 students present their University with music and lipdub. After a nice beggining, the lipdub takes place in a conventional way from one scene to another and from one place to another. The lipping is good and the camera move is smooth. Without the presence of any original scene, we found it quite simple. We hope it will inspire others to do lipdubs in Chile. ;)

More information about Chile

Chile is the country of contrast and great beauty. It is the longest and narrowest country in the continent.

North: Lies the Atacama Desert, the driest of the world.

Center: The Mediterranean landscape gives life to Santiago, the capital, surrounded by fertile wine-producing valleys and modern ski resort.
At 3.790 km. from the continent is "Isla de Pascua" (Easter Island), with a unique culture and archaeological heritage.

South: Lakes, wild rivers, volcanos and native forest allows a close contact with nature. And the Chiloe island, considered as a paradise of the world, is home of a friendly people, creator of fantastic myths.
In the Patagonia, fiords and icy fields receive genuine spirit adventures and in the Antarctic, you can discover the magic of life in a surrounding of everlasting ices.


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