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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clovis High Class of 2011 Lip Dub

clovis-high Clovis High School's graduating Class of 2011 Lip Dub Video!!!

School Lipdub and university Lipdub are very popular on Youtube. We just found another nice Lipdub on the Internet, the Clovis High Class Lipdub. AWESOME! JUST AWESOME!!!

This Lipdub makes us want to go back to school. I actually had goosebumps when I started watching it. I think a great part is due to the first Lipdub song which has a very powerful tone to it.

It’s a very nice Lipdub. It looks like the students had a lot fun. There a lot of smiling and happy faces. Everyone is very dynamic in this Lipdub video, they are either dancing, running, trotting along… very lively! We can see that the students have learned the lyrics of the Lipdub songs: the lipping is very good!

What’s also really nice to see is how they put forward the different activities at the school: cheerleading, football, wrestling, gymnastics and so on. It’s a great idea because it gives importance to what people do and what they are good at, and they can proudly show off their activity and talent on the Lipdub video. The fact that they wear the clothes/uniforms of their different group activities makes it a very colourful Lipdub.

It’s quite long, they used 2 songs in their Clovis High Class Lipdub video. It’s sometimes risky to do this because the change of Lipdub songs changes the atmosphere and it could break the unity of the video.

However, we imagine they did this because of the high number of participants. 600 students took part in this, so in order to be able to see them all on the Lipdub video, you have to either find a really long song, combine different songs or another solution would be to have mass dance routines.

Anyway, we enjoyed it, we hope you do too and let us know what you think about the Clovis High Class Lipdub.


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