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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Springfield Township High School Lip Dub


Just before leaving for holiday break Dec. 22, the students and faculty of Springfield Township High School took time away from classes for fun and school spirit.

In an effort organized by several students and Dan Meder, language arts and digital storytelling teacher, the school came together to shoot a lip-dub video.

This Lip dub is quite good and is shot backward. Congrats!!!!

The video was captured in a single, unedited shot by the students and faculty of Springfield Township High School lip synching while traveling through different rooms of the main building.

The Springfield Township High School lip dub was set to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” with the cameraman traveling through the halls of the school, beginning with the freshman class and progressing to the senior class.

Technology director Kristen Swanson also helped with the creation of the video by getting the rights to use the song. 

The students who organized the video decided to shoot the video backward, and then replayed to make it look as though the individuals were actually moving forward. When watching the video, it appears as though some of the students are walking up the stairs and running down the halls, when in fact they walked down the steps and ran backward during the shoot.

“They memorized gibberish,” Meder said in reference to the students having to learn how to sing “Dynamite” backward. But we have to say some students did it better than others who didn’t lip-sync at all.

“It was one of the best times I’ve had in education,” Principal Gregory Puckett said at the school board meeting Tuesday, where he presented the video to the board.“Everyone got involved and everyone had fun.”

The video features approximately all of the high school students. They were first motivated to participate by learning that they would get out of class, but that later on it was not just about skipping school. 

The organizers goal was to get kids connected with the school, and this video did that. This lip dub has meant a lot to everyone.
Parts of it are genius, the whole thing is awesome, despite the lighting is not as good as we would like. (7.5 out of 10).


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