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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lip Dub - At ease with life - Nestlé 2011


On November 17, Nestlé Spanish workers shot a lip dub with the slogan  "At ease with life, " their good wishes for the new year. You should watch it! Awesome!!

After a two days internal casting, this amazing lip dub was shot with the participation from the general manager to characters such as The Milkmaid or Litoral's Grandmother  together with 400 volunteers. They sang and danced to the beat of the song "Open Your Heart" soundtrack of the brand's corporate campaign.

The tour into the company building in Barcelona shows us the different characters already mentioned running to the internal garden, while the camera is raised by a crane and the Nestlé workers told us their wishes for the new year. Thank you!

Technically it is awesome, with good transitions, image stability and proper lighting, we can conclude it has an important technician deployed resulting in a unique promotional piece that surely, in the future, will copy  other large multinational companies. It's so good and we liked it so much that we are going to overlook the fact it's not one shot take.

Finally, we can only say we love it!. It's really fun! We like the cool song too. We are fascinated by characters as many of them are with us from our childhood.

Great job, superb, amazing, the best we've seen this month. (9 of 10)


Anonymous said...

There are cuts at 0:24, 0:35, 1:15, 1:42 and 2:11.

It's a nice video and all.. but at what point is it no longer a lipdub as a result of having cuts? Especially in this case, where you're talking about a 'lipdub' that's been produced by a professional film production team.

To call this a 'lipdub' in the classic sense is REALLY pushing the limit of what can be considered acceptable. You should really be deducting some major marks at the bare minimum for all the cuts that are present.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the person above me,
a lipdub which is having cuts isn't acceptable..

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