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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LipDub (otherwise) Ciechanów - Official Video

This lipdub was filmed on October 30, a beautiful morning. The creators has named it: Ciechanów City of Perspectives. This is a one shot video, in which a large group of people jointly lip dub the song, Flo Rida ft. David Guetta - Club Can not Handle Me.

This video is between lip dub and flash mob because there is a lot of choreography and a little bit of lip dubbing. We can rename it as lip-mob.

After more than four hours of testing, Lip-Mob was ready.

As they say "The idea of filming LipDub arose spontaneously from a desire to revive Ciechanow as well as allow young people to show their youthful creativity from the eye of the camera".

Youth, joy and expression, that's all they wanted to show. And it works. Already in the lipdub's first few seconds, it is full of positive emotions.

This is the second village LipDub in Poland. Despite the overall lipdub concept involves promoting colleges or schools, they only want to promote their city.

They filmed in a place known to every inhabitant of Ciechanow, ie ciechanowski boardwalk. There were over 100 people! The manage of such a large group is very heavy, and the coordinators coped well with this conundrum through the cooperation of all the people involved in the project.

In the lipdub we can find groups as: Dance Dance Mada, BOA paramilitary, Ciechanowska cycling , Arkona (historical reenactment).

Good job!! It's awesome, lots of dancing, lots of fun. Congrats!!! (7.5 over 10)


Alice said...

Good dancers but Is this a lip dub?

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