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Saturday, November 13, 2010

LIPDUB - Flash mob Fontys PABO Eindhoven


Full-time teachers and students at Fontys PABO Eindhoven  shot this lip dub. It’s not very good quality, but it has 13721 YouTube views in two days. Amazing!

156 students, faculty and staff at Fontys PABO Eindhoven filmed this video.

It has two different parts, a lip dub and a flash mob we want to insist that they are clearly different things.

First of all we are going to talk about the lip dub. Technically it is a mess, has a lot of lighting problems an focus problems too.

The idea of passing a crystal ball from one singer to other as a baton is a good idea, but it makes few people singing  and many people as extra.

The lip dub part suddenly ends and begins the flash mob (very good one) part with a good dancing a good image quality an stability. This is the part that we liked more, with a awesome dancing and the map on the grass. Superb!!!

Well, next time, you ought to get a better recording equipment, because this is what detracts from the good job done.

Lip dub----> 6 over 10
Flash mob-> 7.5 over 10

Here you can add your comments to this video (on YouTube adding comments has been disabled for this video). It's your time to talk.


Anonymous said...

Een lipdub is technisch gezien geen Flashmob! Wel leuk in elkaar gezet ;)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's my school(I know the lipdub/flashmob is bad). The number of viewers has a reason! Thanks to %$@kers.

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