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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chubby Asian Kid's Awesome Lipdub


Warning! If you have a heart disease you’ll not see this video. This is not a traditional style lipdub, noooo! this is a very special one.

Some people will say that this is not even a lipdub but he lip dubbing  better than many of those considered legend. Although it is to break ...!!!! Awesome!!!!

This is just a joke. Sure, when he recorded it  he did not imagine the impact otherwise he'd have put his shirt on.

The truth is it has 22000 views, making it the most watched lipdub this week on YouTube, more than most lip dubs so called "good". It has most of the requirements to be considered a true lipdub and it has a better lighting and a better image quality than the average.

The truth is that we laughed a while watching it, because this guy has no shame. SonrisaGuiño


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