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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lipdub - "MOVEDUB" Collège Regina Assumpta Montréal, 2010

As some of you remember, few months ago we presented the Olivarius Aparthotels "Airdub". Now, from Montreal, Regina Assumpta College presents us a new way they have called "Movedub" actually is a single shot, like a lip dub, but with very elaborate choreography like a flash mob, it seems us quite cool and therefore we present it here.

The principle of MOVEDUB is based on a single shot and the general lip dub concept. MoveDub voice, or lip dubbing, is replaced by dance.

Technically is perfect with a high camera's stability a good lighting and a fantastic choreography with good transitions. We love it!

The music is a fusion so each situation creates a unique atmosphere.

This is not a lip dub! But we enjoy it a lot. Congrats!


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